What You Need to Know About PRX Facial Treatments: A Complete Guide

PRX Facial Treatments, a revolutionary approach in skincare, blend the efficacy of medical-grade ingredients with the gentleness of non-invasive procedures. Ideal for those seeking rejuvenation without downtime, PRX-T33, the core of this treatment, offers remarkable results. This guide aims to unfold everything about PRX Facial Treatments, from how they work to their benefits and aftercare.

What Are PRX Facial Treatments?

PRX Facial Treatments involve a patented formula combining TCA (trichloroacetic acid), hydrogen peroxide, and kojic acid. This unique blend provides the benefits of a chemical peel without the peeling process, making it a sought-after ‘no-peel peel’. The treatment stimulates the deeper layers of the skin to enhance texture and tone, address pigmentation, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and scars.

The PRX Treatment Process

  1. Consultation: Understand your skin concerns and discuss how PRX can help.
  2. Application: A specialist applies the PRX-T33 solution to your skin, which penetrates quickly without causing damage.
  3. Activation: The skin begins a regenerative process.
  4. Rinse and Nourish: The solution is rinsed off, followed by the application of nourishing compounds.

Benefits of PRX Facial Treatments

  • Immediate Results: Noticeable improvement in skin texture and tone after just one session.
  • No Downtime: Resume normal activities immediately post-treatment.
  • All Skin Types: Suitable for various skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Versatile: Effective for facial rejuvenation, scar treatment, and enhancing skin elasticity.

Ideal Candidates for PRX Facial Treatments

PRX Treatments are ideal for those who:

  • Seek a non-invasive solution for skin rejuvenation.
  • Have concerns like dull skin, fine lines, mild scarring, or uneven tone.
  • Prefer a treatment with no downtime.

Risks and Considerations

PRX Facial Treatments are generally safe but may include:

  • Mild redness or itching post-treatment.
  • Sensitivity, especially in those with very delicate skin.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Post-treatment care involves:

  • Using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer.
  • Avoiding direct sun exposure and using sunscreen.
  • For long-lasting results, follow-up treatments as recommended by your specialist.


PRX Facial Treatments offer a unique solution for those desiring youthful, radiant skin without the harshness of traditional peels. At iGlow, our team is ready to guide you through this innovative treatment and help you achieve your skincare goals. Book an appointment today to learn more about how PRX can transform your skin.