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Embracing True Beauty At iGlow Aesthetics

At iGlow Aesthetics in Tampa, Florida, we’re not just a beauty clinic; we’re the destination for self-expression and empowerment. With cutting-edge facials, laser hair removal, and transformative skin rejuvenation treatments, we embrace a diverse clientele. True beauty radiates confidence, self-care, and tailored treatments. Through our personalized, inclusive approach, we celebrate each client’s journey of beauty and wellness.

Empowering Beauty, One Client at a Time

Dimah Hasan


Dimah Hasan is beacon of inspiration in the world of beauty and wellness. Her journey to establish iGlow stems from a deeply rooted belief in the power of aesthetics as a transformative force.

Dimah’s vision is fueled by her passion for creating a space where women can confidently express themselves and embrace their inherent beauty. Her approach to aesthetics is holistic, acknowledging that beauty is not just an external attribute but a harmonious blend of personality, confidence, intelligence, and ethics. Through iGlow, Dimah aims to break down societal constraints and celebrate the diverse beauty standards that exist. Her commitment to this philosophy has made iGlow a haven where clients feel seen, heard, and empowered to radiate their unique inner glow.

Redefine Your Complexion with Services Tailored to You

Explore the transformative beauty and wellness journey at iGlow Aesthetics, where cutting-edge treatments meet personalized care. From rejuvenating facials and advanced laser hair removal to IV therapy, each service is designed to bring out your inner glow and enhance your natural beauty. Join us at iGlow to experience the 5-Star aesthetic services and self-care.